Meaning of Amur leopard in English:

Amur leopard

Pronunciation /əˌmʊə ˈlɛpəd/


  • A rare leopard of a subspecies found in forests in the far east of Russia and north-east China.

    ‘the cubs were the first litter of Amur leopards born at the Minnesota Zoo since 1995’
    • ‘The Amur leopard recovery program began in 2001, when the species was on the brink of total extinction.’
    • ‘The biggest threat to the Amur leopard is the illegal wildlife trade.’
    • ‘During the latest survey, researchers counted Amur leopard tracks along snowy trails to determine an estimated population size.’
    • ‘Other Denver Zoo animals born through the survival plan include Makar, an Amur leopard, born on April 25.’
    • ‘He was instrumental in pushing for creation of the Land of the Leopard National Park, a sanctuary for critically threatened Amur leopards that opened earlier this year.’