Meaning of amygdale in English:


Pronunciation /əˈmɪɡdeɪl/


  • A vesicle in an igneous rock, containing secondary minerals.

    ‘Segregation vesicles are therefore distinguished from amygdales because they are infilled with chilled magma, whereas amygdales represent the infilling of vesicles from post-emplacement fluids.’
    • ‘Some consist of pear-shaped segregation vesicles with amygdales at their upper margin.’
    • ‘If, after the lava has cooled and set, the vesicles are filled with minerals, they are known as amygdales.’
    • ‘Flow margins are often altered, containing abundant epidote and amygdales with quartz, calcite and/or chlorite.’
    • ‘Flow tops were avoided as they are almost always riddled with amygdales and show signs of alteration.’


Late 19th century from French, from Latin amygdala (see amygdala).