Meaning of amygdaloid in English:


(also amygdaloid nucleus)

Pronunciation /əˈmɪɡdəlɔɪd/


  • Shaped like an almond.

    • ‘The amygdaloid form is rare.’


another term for amygdala
‘However, we do know that breathing can be ‘driven’ by activation of the amygdaloid nucleus within the limbic system - a complex brain area concerned with feeling and emotions.’
  • ‘Within the temporal lobe, the amygdaloid nucleus is seen.’
  • ‘The amygdaloid nuclei project to ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus via the stria terminalis.’
  • ‘For example, damage to the central amygdaloid nucleus reduces activation of NTS and PVN neurons following IL - 1beta injections and attenuates stress-induced norepinephrine release in the PVN.’
  • ‘In the telencephalon, PRV-Ba-Gal and PRV-Ba labeled neurons were found in the amygdaloid nucleus.’