Meaning of amygdaloidal in English:


Pronunciation /əˌmɪɡdəˈlɔɪd(ə)l/


  • Relating to or containing amygdales.

    ‘The native-copper deposits can be further divided into fissure veins, and blanket-type lode deposits that occur in amygdaloidal lava flow tops and sedimentary conglomerate beds.’
    • ‘It can be found in fissure veins and brecciated amygdaloidal basalt lodes but not in the conglomerate lodes.’
    • ‘Orebodies in the fissure veins and both rock types were formed by hot water solutions moving upward and laterally along fractures and fault zones, brecciated amygdaloidal flow tops, and permeable conglomerate beds.’
    • ‘These minerals occur in amygdaloidal cavities and in nodules in intermediate composition volcanic rocks of the Conejos Formation.’
    • ‘It should be mentioned that the term vein was used rather loosely in the Copper Country and was applied to any fissure vein or mineralized amygdaloidal flow top that was being mined.’