Meaning of amyl in English:



as modifier
  • 1Chemistry
    Of or denoting the straight-chain pentyl radical —C₅H₁₁.

    ‘The powdered bark can also be treated with solvents, such as toluene, or amyl alcohol to extract the quinine.’
    • ‘Once again, there's an impressive list of toxins found in these products that may include naptha, phenol, diglycol laurate, amyl acetate or nitrobenzene.’
    • ‘Ethanol was then replaced with amyl acetate in preparation for critical point drying with liquid carbon dioxide.’
    • ‘While nail polish remover or amyl acetate will remove polish, both may affect the vinyl.’
    • ‘The main component of the fragrance is amyl acetate (which is also the smell of nail polish remover).’
    1. 1.1 informal
      short for amyl nitrite
      • ‘Effective treatment was not available until Brunton introduced nitrate of amyl in 1867.’
      • ‘Wearing gasmasks with a small canister of amyl attached is really great for morale on the battlefield of love - but I digress.’
      • ‘The blurb makes it all sound far more titillating than it probably is, but they're right about the leather and amyl though.’



/ˈam(ɪ)l/ /ˈeɪmʌɪl/


Mid 19th century from Latin amylum ‘starch’ + -yl.