Meaning of an awful lot in English:

an awful lot

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  • A very large amount; a great deal.

    ‘we've had an awful lot of letters’
    • ‘In the end it was down to an awful lot of luck and an awful lot of serendipity.’
    • ‘As a result, I do seem to have ended up knowing an awful lot of detail about an awful lot of blogs.’
    • ‘You can spend an awful lot of time as an addict, an awful lot of useless time, debating such stuff.’
    • ‘What I try to do when I act is think a lot, an awful lot, before I show up on the set.’
    • ‘Terminally ill people require an awful lot of care and attention and therefore cost a lot of money.’
    • ‘There are a lot of people who have put an awful lot into the development of this school.’
    • ‘We have done an awful lot to get rid of a lot of the forms we have got and also the policies.’
    • ‘There was an awful lot to learn and a great deal of pressure, but he coped with it well.’
    • ‘There is an awful lot of detail in this report and I am sure it is all of interest to readers.’
    • ‘This is stupid and has caused an awful lot of congestion where there previously wasn't that much.’
    • ‘Slightly out on the timing, but an awful lot of Jack Aubrey seems to be there.’
    • ‘I'm not really sure any more who reads this thing, other than, it's an awful lot of people.’
    • ‘I have just spent an awful lot of money on a brand new PC, which will be coming in the next couple of weeks.’
    • ‘This is more of an update than a post and won't be of enormous interest to an awful lot of you, I'm sure.’
    • ‘There's an awful lot of research that's required still in order to optimise the process.’
    • ‘We had an awful lot of people and we couldn't get anything else on the field.’
    • ‘It is awesome to play in the World Cup anywhere, but to play in a game close to my family and friends means an awful lot.’
    • ‘If this fight is not to happen, the Las Vegas decision will have to be ratified by an awful lot of other people.’
    • ‘New employees would need an awful lot of shares to catch up with longer-serving workers.’
    • ‘I feel that - it is a very major thing, and obviously, an awful lot of hard work goes into it.’