Meaning of an early bath in English:

an early bath

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informal British
  • Used in reference to the sending off of a sports player during a match.

    • ‘the referee awarded a penalty and ordered an early bath for Thomas’
    • ‘No one dares answer back as Sam berates his stars and tells three of the players that they face an early bath and will not be playing in the second half.’
    • ‘Thornton's Division Six home match against bottom-of-the-table St Josephs A only lasted ten minutes before referee Jason Woodman ordered both teams to take an early bath.’
    • ‘In the story, the character was sent off during a match and takes an early bath.’
    • ‘Within seconds of the re-start Baronovski took exception to a decision from the referee and he too was on his way for an early bath.’
    • ‘After remonstrating with the referee, Ferguson made his way down the tunnel for an early bath.’
    • ‘On another occasion, the hot-headed midfielder could have been off for an early bath and he would have had few complaints.’
    • ‘It would also be a start to make sure no one else disappears for an early bath or draws a needless suspension before the summer.’
    • ‘He had to make contact with the ball or he could have been having an early bath.’
    • ‘Thomas hadn't sent anyone off in the Premier League this season, but it's a miracle only one player, got an early bath, such was the frequency of the cautions Thomas applied.’
    • ‘Jones took an early bath concluding one of the shortest games in his career.’
    • ‘As Harewood had already been cautioned for a challenge on Muscat, it was an early bath for the Hammers top scorer.’
    • ‘It was a very daft thing to do and if it was me, I would think about taking an early bath.’
    • ‘A penalty just over the halfway line was adjudged too far out with place kicker Forrest taking an early bath, so York had to kick for position before time was called.’
    • ‘The diving play-actors, on whom referees have been instructed to clamp down, will draw scant consolation from that as they take an early bath.’
    • ‘He might be right, but at the end of the day, might results be better if the manager hadn't promised to take an early bath before the end of the season?’
    • ‘And in those days, you had to go some to get a red card, unlike now when one fairly minor indiscretion can lead to an early bath.’
    • ‘After these two seasons he knows whether he is in for an early bath.’
    • ‘A Sanders foul then saw him receive his second yellow and an early bath.’
    • ‘I only realised what had happened when Walsh came over and suggested that I take an early bath.’
    • ‘With fewer than 20 races to my name, if anyone was likely to have an early bath it didn't take much to work out who it would be.’