Meaning of an even break in English:

an even break


  • A fair chance.

    • ‘the fact is suckers never get an even break’
    • ‘What's been largely missing, though, through these pell-mell days, has been the time to rethink pat agendas rather than fit the facts around them - or the imagination to give the suckers on all sides an even break.’
    • ‘So they don't want to give a sucker an even break if they can possibly help it, because rotation potentially has massive implications on player's ability to be able to ply their trade.’
    • ‘None reaches fulfilment, for they're damned by their own mediocrity and the plain fact that a sucker never gets an even break.’
    • ‘And if Manchester United think that they cannot get an even break in the Arsenal penalty area, what chance have the rest of them got?’
    • ‘So Capricorns can make advances even during this risky Monkey Year, in which nobody's assured of an even break.’
    • ‘I wouldn't mind just an even break to get away from the active bad luck.’
    • ‘They are a very big team, particularly around midfield and we'll have it all to do to get an even break in that area.’
    • ‘OK, so she never knew her father and her mother's an alley cat, but give a kitty an even break, eh?’
    • ‘Though he has a habit of starting slowly, given an even break he should be in the thick of things.’
    • ‘Don't give him an even break no matter what he says.’