Meaning of an even chance in English:

an even chance

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  • An equal likelihood of success or failure.

    ‘the team has an even chance of winning’
    • ‘We are trying to create a network of post offices in urban areas that have an even chance of surviving in the next five to ten years.’
    • ‘The crew have more of an even chance when they compete in lightweight quads at the National Championships in three weeks' time.’
    • ‘I think in the knockout stage the matches will be very different as every team stands an even chance of winning.’
    • ‘In the 1970s and 1980s we chess players scoffed at the early computer chess engines that we beat with ease now 30 years later there are perhaps two or three humans alive with an even chance of drawing with the best of them.’
    • ‘If you think it almost certain, you might pay 95 cents; just under an even chance, perhaps 45 cents.’
    • ‘Did both of these girls have an even chance of getting through this surgery?’
    • ‘Because the charm would be once the game starts, both sides have an even chance.’
    • ‘Going by the form, rather the lack of it, of the strongest-ever Chinese team, the best Indian combination surely stood more than an even chance of taking the men's team title away.’
    • ‘There is only an even chance the global economy will recover this year, top Irish directors said.’