Meaning of anaerobically in English:



See anaerobic

‘For instance, the very best sprinters don't need much aerobic capacity because they rely on a preponderance of fast-twitch muscle fibers, which contract quickly and anaerobically, meaning they don't require oxygen to burn fuel.’
  • ‘Bacteria can also degrade components of crude oil, even anaerobically, and under certain conditions they produce methane, a valuable natural gas, in a processes analogous to the physical ‘cracking’ of hydrocarbons.’
  • ‘When hay from the wild-type and stay-green L. perenne phenotypes was incubated anaerobically at 39°C, rates of protein loss were rapid and did not differ.’
  • ‘In contrast, our experiments are carried out anaerobically with the enzyme ending up in the fully reduced state.’
  • ‘You have to play at a very fast pace - you have to be fit both aerobically and anaerobically.’