Meaning of anal retention in English:

anal retention

Pronunciation /ˌeɪnl rɪˈtɛnʃn/



See anal-retentive

‘The logic leap in the revamped The Stepford Wives, which is real, also is a bit of anal retention that, like checking your watch, is a good indicator that you really aren't into the movie.’
  • ‘Sadly, directors Andrew Begg and Mark Williams have missed the opportunity to gently probe the peculiarity of this specialist subject and investigate the darker recesses of anal retention.’
  • ‘We use the same techniques in breaking in a glove as the position players do, there's just not as much anal retention going on.’
  • ‘And, I know it's an unusual analogy, but he seriously walks like a duck with severe anal retention.’
  • ‘Isn't a slavish attention to deadline little more than journalistic anal retention?’