Meaning of analcime in English:


Pronunciation /əˈnalsiːm/


  • A member of the zeolite group of minerals occurring in a wide variety of sedimentary rocks and in some igneous rocks, as crystals of various colours.

    Analcime is a hydrated silicate of sodium and aluminium, NaAlSi₂O₂·H₂O, often containing other elements, especially calcium. Crystal system: variable.


Early 19th century; earliest use found in The Edinburgh Review. From French analcime (R. J. Haüy 1797, in Jrnl. des mines 278) from Hellenistic Greek ἀνάλκιμος impotent, feeble (from ancient Greek ἀν- + ἄλκιμος strong from ἀλκή strength (from an ablaut variant of the same Indo-European base as ancient Greek ἀλέξειν to ward off) + -ιμος, suffix forming adjectives), so named with reference to the weakness of its power to retain an electric charge.