Meaning of anally in English:



See anal

‘The band's preferred method of crafting their uptemp tunes involves intense collaboration and consolidation of the best parts, chosen in almost anally democratic rounds of ayes and nays.’
  • ‘I'm sure that this is closely related to my anally retentive attitude towards employing proper grammar and complete English words, without ever resorting to the dreaded ‘text speak’.’
  • ‘I've always been this sort of person who thinks ahead, anally breaking the years up into three or four year segments and thinking about what each segment would contain, I would compartmentalise my life into challenges.’
  • ‘I've also tidied some shelves, rearranged my book collection and, anally, alphabetized my CD collection (no mean feat with more than 500 CDs).’
  • ‘L and H were a great duo: L was anally tidy, a cordon bleu cook and kept the place spotless, and H was doing the whole late-onset rebellion thing and we stayed up all night watching movies.’