Meaning of analogically in English:


Pronunciation /anəˈlɒdʒɪk(ə)li/


See analogy

‘In order to determine the moral status of the biological artifact produced by altered nuclear transfer, we need to find an analogically similar entity with a matching ‘fact pattern’.’
  • ‘Content can be matched to therapy issues analogically as well as concretely.’
  • ‘His books The Changing Workplace and The New Office speak of embracing new digital technologies and potentially rethinking the office analogically as hives, dens, cells, and clubs.’
  • ‘Although your Lordships were referred in the course of the argument to a large number of reported cases, this is not a branch of the law in which references to other cases is of any real assistance except analogically.’
  • ‘Chapter 7 ends oddly with a set of sound principles ‘behind’ Christian discernment, which seem to be unrelated to the book's principal thesis about the way in which the story of Jesus analogically shapes Christian ethics.’