Meaning of analogously in English:


Pronunciation /əˈnaləɡəsli/

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‘In the geopolitical arena, analogously, we note the explosions resulting from convergence in the outbreak of ‘world wars’.’
  • ‘The visual material in the book runs parallel to the text, the two relating to one another more analogously than convergently.’
  • ‘Since Arabic and Hebrew have similar sources, one can deduce analogously that in Hebrew also it would have meant brushing away and forgiving sins.’
  • ‘Duncan's comment clarifies my point above in that his ‘distaste’ is for the alienation that would rely on Wright's (or, analogously, Ransom's) moralism to achieve camp pleasure.’
  • ‘This is more or less correct (given the obvious uncertainties in long term data from the continental interior), but analogously to the example above, local cooling does not contradict global warming.’