Meaning of anaphorically in English:


Pronunciation /ˌanəˈfɒrɪk(ə)lɪ/


See anaphora

‘The title is repeated anaphorically at the beginning of each stanza to develop a series of domestic and natural images that express the pleasure of receiving a Christmas card from a far-flung friend.’
  • ‘The pronoun form ‘they’ is anaphorically linked in the discourse to this person.’
  • ‘Even though these anaphorically used pronouns were not very frequent, it is interesting that they occur.’
  • ‘The above text has been part-of-speech tagged and skeleton parsed, as well as anaphorically annotated.’
  • ‘He delves deeply into the linguistics literature on anaphorically used pronouns, especially the Discourse Representation Theory (of Heim and Kamp).’