Meaning of anaptyxis in English:


Pronunciation /ˌanəpˈtɪksɪs/


mass nounPhonetics
  • The insertion of a vowel between two consonants to aid pronunciation, as in he went thataway.

    ‘Prothesis and anaptyxis are often called simply ‘vowel’ or ‘schwa epenthesis’.’
    • ‘It seems more like anaptyxis to me, with maybe a compensatory syncope.’
    • ‘There is cross-linguistic evidence for associating anaptyxis-prothesis asymmetries with the nature of the consonants involved in the process.’
    • ‘It is the unstressed environment that licenses anaptyxis, and so consistently closed, unstressed syllables are required.’
    • ‘This appendix provides evidence of the application of anaptyxis in Old English.’


Late 19th century modern Latin, from Greek anaptuxis ‘unfolding’, from ana- ‘back, again’ + ptuxis ‘folding’.