Meaning of anastomosis in English:


nounplural noun anastomoses/əˌnastəˈməʊsiːz/

  • 1 technical A cross-connection between adjacent channels, tubes, fibres, or other parts of a network.

    ‘The anastomosis is completed by inserting the coupling member, with the graft vessel attached, into the anchor member.’
    • ‘The nutritional supply by a network of anastomoses of small caliber only may be an explanation for these findings.’
    1. 1.1Medicine A connection made surgically between adjacent blood vessels, parts of the intestine, or other channels of the body.
      ‘collateral veins are likely to develop across the anastomosis within a few months’
      • ‘a new technique of intestinal anastomosis was devised’
      • ‘The surgeon frees up the affected segment of the bowel, removes the diseased portion, and rejoins the proximal and distal edges with a surgical anastomosis whenever possible.’
      • ‘A period of starvation is common practice after gastrointestinal surgery during which an intestinal anastomosis has been formed.’
      • ‘Evidence of a remote surgical anastomosis was noted.’
      • ‘After surgery, the patient developed leakage along the anastomosis that ultimately required four additional procedures, including the creation and take down of an ileostomy, during a seven-month period.’
      • ‘Despite meticulous suturing, telescoping techniques, or covering the anastomosis with pedicles of vital tissues, dehiscence may still occur.’



/əˌnastəˈməʊsɪs/ /ˌanəstəˈməʊsɪs/


Late 16th century modern Latin, from Greek anastomōsis, from anastomoun ‘provide with a mouth’.