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Pronunciation /ənastəˈmɒtɪk/

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‘Approximately 8 years after this, he underwent repair of an aneurysmal area that had developed in the right ventricular outflow tract at the anastomotic site of the pulmonary artery that was related to the Blalock-Taussig shunt.’
  • ‘Clips were placed at the left edge of the applicator cone, and the second field was placed to encompass the previous area of tumor recurrence to the left upper pelvic sidewall near the original anastomotic site of Mr T's sigmoid resection.’
  • ‘We found a significant array of anastomotic vessels between the supratrochlear and angular artery and also the presence of multiple vessels that seemed to be encompassed by both the paramedian and midline forehead flaps.’
  • ‘Surgery in patients who are obese has anticipated levels of morbidity and mortality, and severe life-threatening complications, such as pulmonary embolism and anastomotic leakage, do occur.’
  • ‘All of the varieties of the ophthalmic artery described above may be explained as resulting from the enlargement of normal anastomotic vessels, the regular trunk being more or less diminished or even obliterated.’