Meaning of ancient world in English:

ancient world


  • The region around the Mediterranean and the Near East before the fall of the Western Roman Empire in AD 476.

    ‘cuneiform was used throughout much of the ancient world’
    • ‘Just why hunters and gatherers in this region of the ancient world turned to agriculture is difficult to say.’
    • ‘A country known in the ancient world as Mesopotamia, it became part of the Ottoman Empire in 1638.’
    • ‘In the ancient world, the region of Tyre and Sidon was the capital of the purple dye industry.’
    • ‘In the ancient world, the sacred and profane were inextricably intertwined.’
    • ‘In the ancient world, the sense of identity or selfhood was closely linked to the place of humans in the cosmos.’
    • ‘But to apply such criteria to the ancient world is, of course, to use language which is both very modern and highly contested.’
    • ‘Of all the cultural mysteries passed down from the ancient world, none beguiles us more than that of the Great Pyramid of Ancient Egypt.’
    • ‘But unfortunately, it is a goal that cannot be achieved for a particular battle in the ancient world.’
    • ‘When we think of the ancient world, we may perhaps think of the Hebrews, Greeks and Romans.’
    • ‘Archaeologists have used ground-penetrating geophysics to map out the greatest harbour of the ancient world.’
    • ‘Hume argued that slave populations in the ancient world were incapable of a positive natural rate of increase.’
    • ‘The origin of money in the form of coins in the ancient world is contested.’
    • ‘However, the study of dress in the ancient world has been shamefully undervalued.’
    • ‘The Greeks considered the Persians the evil empire of the ancient world, says John Spurling.’
    • ‘It is also present in Yellowstone Park in a continent unknown to the ancient world.’
    • ‘Some of you might remember a venerable institution from the ancient world called the Temple of Ishtar.’
    • ‘It was one of the most beautiful cities of the ancient world up to the time it was destroyed by the Carthaginians in 406 BC.’
    • ‘With these resources Sardis became a centre of trade and industry in the ancient world.’
    • ‘How Petra never became the eighth wonder of the ancient world will forever remain a mystery.’
    • ‘Such custom was what kept the ancient world from descending into anarchy.’