Meaning of and all that jazz in English:

and all that jazz

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  • And such similar things.

    • ‘oh, love, life, and all that jazz’
    • ‘Many people believe in fortune tellers and clairvoyants and all that jazz, but me, I'm just not sure.’
    • ‘He would rant and rave about capitalism and all that jazz, and basically he can be stereotyped as a Green party member.’
    • ‘She told me her name, where she was from, where she went to school and all that jazz.’
    • ‘Layla may be beautiful and intelligent and all that jazz, but she's Layla.’
    • ‘I think once I get a little further into the story the chapters will come faster ‘cause then the plot thickens and all that jazz.’
    • ‘Is there going to be a flashback and all that jazz?’
    • ‘I'm to ‘make sure’ justice prevails, and all that jazz.’
    • ‘But I ‘really’ believe there are some things in life that are worth trying harder for and we just live once and we need to make the most of it and all that jazz.’
    • ‘Well, I dutifully go to church every Sunday, sing the hymns, take communion, and all that jazz, but the truth is: I don't believe in God.’
    • ‘I've done about fifty push-ups, lunges, and all that jazz.’