Meaning of and everything in English:

and everything


  • Used to refer vaguely to other things associated with what has been mentioned.

    • ‘you'll still get paid and everything’
    • ‘She hadn't got a break planned what with the wedding preparations and everything.’
    • ‘My dad and I were talking about life, the universe and everything over the weekend.’
    • ‘I could see you all and I was shouting and everything but no words would come out.’
    • ‘The sail cloths and everything will have to be put together and you'll need a steady hand to paint it all.’
    • ‘It's all very exciting and everything but the thing is that I don't really want to move.’
    • ‘You recall how I was all chuffed and everything about how ace he is and how he finds the coolest things?’
    • ‘My legs go straight out in front of me and all the gears and everything are up by my chest and I just cycle with my arms.’
    • ‘Why couldn't they have told me this when I was having the plans done and everything?’
    • ‘He loves animals so much that he went a grabbed a load of them and let them live on his property and everything.’
    • ‘She asked me to come over and join her, and I looked into flights and visas and everything.’