Meaning of and such in English:

and such


  • And similar things.

    ‘he had activities like the scouts and Sunday school and such’
    • ‘The average review score is four stars, and there are the usual tributes to the beautiful writing and such.’
    • ‘He grovelled for a while, asking me how I was and such, and then he sprung the question.’
    • ‘That means after all is said and done with spending and such, they still have money left over.’
    • ‘As the evening cooled he did go out to cut hedges and such but otherwise he hid indoors out of the sun, just as Dolly and I did.’
    • ‘But in order to get a new job I need more free time so as to be able to pick up shifts and such.’
    • ‘A zillion things went through my head as we went through the course outline and such.’
    • ‘It had its faults in the pretentious overacting and such, but it was as great as Hollywood movies can get.’
    • ‘You'll find primitive bridges and such all along the routes taken by the old pack horse caravans.’
    • ‘We took the bus back home, and all the way back we were singing rugby songs and such.’
    • ‘How screws and such can work loose when a piece of equipment is left undisturbed and unused I do not know.’