Meaning of and then some in English:

and then some

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  • And plenty more than that.

    • ‘we got our money's worth and then some’
    • ‘Now the sun will supply enough light to illuminate half the world at one sitting, so there's plenty of power and then some.’
    • ‘The bride was able to cover her meal, her drinks and then some out of the money she made.’
    • ‘It was exactly what the boy in blue suspected, and then some.’
    • ‘Isolation, fear, death, blood, the macabre, pain: this film has it all - and then some.’
    • ‘Bowie would have to use the rest of his career - and then some - just to get even.’
    • ‘Although I have enough offprints to meet the requests I've had, and then some, it will take me a while to process them all.’
    • ‘Four decades later, that ambition has been realised, and then some.’
    • ‘As far as the fair share statement goes, Minnesota has gotten its fair share and then some.’
    • ‘I've put on all the weight I lost during last year's diet, and then some.’
    • ‘After we'd done all we could possibly think of and then some, I yanked on the pull cord.’