Meaning of androgenize in English:


Pronunciation /anˈdrɒdʒɪnʌɪz/


(also British androgenise)
[with object]
  • Treat with or expose to male hormones, typically with the result that male sexual characteristics are produced.

    ‘testosterone can be given, which will androgenize them still further’
    • ‘A similar number of estruses was identified by androgenized cows between synchronization groups: nine and seven estruses for the SS and TB heifers, respectively.’
    • ‘One androgenized cow was introduced within each heifer treatment group to compare estrous detection methods (androgenized cows and HW).’
    • ‘It caused a lot of bleeding disorders and too many androgenizing effects.’
    • ‘Testosterone's use is limited by its androgenizing effects and its potentially negative influence on cardiolipids.’