Meaning of androgyny in English:


Pronunciation /anˈdrɒdʒɪni/


See androgynous

‘What's wrong with a little - or a lot of - androgyny anyway?’
  • ‘If androgyny proved unattainable in a small socialist society whose citizens self-selected for radical feminist convictions, how could one bring it about in contemporary America, where most people don't want it?’
  • ‘The Melbourne Writers Centre is dominated by women who will only tolerate strangely docile feminised men, who build towards an androgyny and collaborate in a general ‘dumbing down’ of the male.’
  • ‘Almond's heavy eyeliner and camp androgyny made middle-aged men, in particular, so uneasy that they suddenly discovered pressing engagements in their potting sheds.’
  • ‘The androgyny of today, where everything is unisex and uniform, destroys culture by divorcing it from the reality of human existence.’