Meaning of anemophilous in English:


Pronunciation /ˌanɪˈmɒfɪləs/


  • (of a plant) wind-pollinated.

    ‘Generally, starchy pollen has been considered a feature of wind-pollinated (anemophilous) flowering plants, whereas insect-pollinated species show a greater or lesser replacement of starch by sugar or lipids.’
    • ‘In addition, a very detailed pollen record has been obtained for this anemophilous species, because it has colonized western and northern Europe relatively late during the Holocene.’
    • ‘A basic uniformity in floral as well as vegetative characters probably relates to an anemophilous habit.’
    • ‘Members of the Glumiflorae are anemophilous, or ‘wind-loving.’’


Late 19th century from Greek anemos ‘wind’ + -philous (see -philia).