Meaning of anergy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈanədʒi/


mass nounMedicine
  • Absence of the normal immune response to a particular antigen or allergen.

    ‘It is known that some persons with TB exhibit specific anergy to tuberculin but still respond to other antigens, possibly because available T-cell receptors are saturated and unable to react to the administered tuberculin antigen.’
    • ‘This type of antigen presentation results in tolerance via T-cell anergy.’
    • ‘As suggested by Ferrara and colleagues, a low mitogen response may possibly reflect underlying anergy or inability of the cellular immune system to effectively mount a T-cell response.’
    • ‘The authors noted a marked augmentation in immune response demonstrated by a change from complete anergy to normal immune response in one patient.’
    • ‘Routine evaluation for anergy is not recommended.’


Early 20th century from German Anergie, from Greek an- ‘not’, on the pattern of Allergie ‘allergy’.