Meaning of anfractuous in English:


Pronunciation /ənˈfraktjʊəs/

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  • Sinuous or circuitous.

    ‘the line of gold extends and becomes anfractuous’
    • ‘Tired of hearing and reading too much ‘anfractuous remplissage’ - in other words, circuitous padding?’
    • ‘There is what I suppose is intended to be the telling juxtaposition of different sorts of ‘conspiracy theories’, linked by the sort of anfractuous logic that informs Horowitz's ‘Discover the Network’.’
    • ‘Certain bloggers revel in this kind of anfractuous illogic.’
    twisting, winding, curving, curvy, bending, sinuous, undulating, coiling, looping, meandering, serpentine, snaking, snaky, zigzag, convoluted, spiralling, twisty, circuitous, rambling, wandering, indirect, deviating, devious, labyrinthine, mazy


Late 16th century from late Latin anfractuosus, from Latin anfractus ‘a bending’.