Meaning of angel's trumpet in English:

angel's trumpet


  • A South American shrub or small tree with large pendulous trumpet-shaped flowers, cultivated as an ornamental and in some regions consumed for its narcotic properties.

    Genus Brugmansia, family Solanaceae; often placed in the genus Datura

    ‘Geraldine Nelson had trouble keeping her potted angel's trumpet from blowing over in the New Jersey winds.’
    • ‘In addition, would you recommend an angel's trumpet for this area, and if so, what would be the feeding schedule?’
    • ‘The plants are an eclectic mix too: Italian cypress, kangaroo paws from Australia, timber bamboo from Asia, tropical bananas, and angel's trumpet mingle with existing English walnut trees.’
    • ‘They showcase the sweetly fragrant yellow flowers of angel's trumpet (Brugmansia x candida) surrounded by a colorful tapestry of shorter flowers and foliage plants.’
    • ‘On warm summer evenings, a heady fragrance from angel's trumpet and heliotrope permeates the air, reminding the family of their former home in the islands.’