Meaning of angle of attack in English:

angle of attack


  • The angle between the line of the chord of an aerofoil and the relative airflow.

    ‘move forwards on the stick to reduce the angle of attack’
    • ‘Flaps can move the pitch angle higher toward the critical angle of attack.’
    • ‘A stall is nothing more than exceeding the critical angle of attack.’
    • ‘The ailerons - the wing's control surfaces - remain effective at the highest angles of attack, and controllability of the aircraft is retained even in the event of airflow separating from the remainder of the wings' surface.’
    • ‘Do not use flaps - extending flaps increases the angle of attack of the horizontal stabilizer, which may also be damaged.’
    • ‘Your aircraft's wing interprets vertical gusts as a change in the angle of attack, thus significantly increasing the load factor.’