Meaning of anglepoise in English:


Pronunciation /ˈaŋɡlpɔɪz/


  • A type of desk lamp with a jointed arm and counterbalancing springs that hold it in any position to which it is adjusted.

    as modifier ‘an anglepoise lamp’
    • ‘The office was dark so I could only just make out his outline, but he soon obliged me by flicking on the anglepoise lamp on the desk to light the place up again.’
    • ‘The preferred method of industrial espionage is to place a document on a flat surface - a desk is ideal - illuminate it with an anglepoise lamp and ‘photograph’ it.’
    • ‘Instead, the LCD sprouts from a base unit less than a foot in diameter, and looks like an anglepoise lamp.’
    • ‘ sells the Super Archimoon standard lamp by Philippe Starck, which looks like a giant, floor - standing anglepoise lamp, and costs £3,350.’
    • ‘Dudson drew up another chair and sat opposite the pilot, as DeVille thoughtfully found an anglepoise light to shine in his eyes.’