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Pronunciation /ˈaŋɡlə/

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  • 1A person who fishes with a rod and line.

    ‘a carp angler’
    • ‘Some days were more kind, however, and anglers caught fish on wet fly and dapping.’
    • ‘They do catch some good fish but so do anglers float fishing in close with big baits.’
    • ‘The angler can fish the planer, and the following bait, as far out from the bank as he wishes.’
    • ‘Both anglers battled the fish and you could see they were getting a great fight.’
    • ‘We were the last group of anglers to fish Colin Lake before it closed down for the winter months.’
    • ‘With good hatches of midge and pond olives tempting fish, anglers have had a busy week.’
    • ‘Earlier in the week we had noticed three anglers camping and fishing by an island.’
    • ‘With so many anglers fishing the lower river it's often a job to find a decent swim.’
    • ‘Yet it is true to say that most anglers leave their line on a reel for far too long.’
    • ‘I went for another half an hour before hooking my third rainbow making me the only angler to land three fish.’
    • ‘Earlier this year, the government introduced a rule limiting the number of game fish caught by anglers to one.’
    • ‘Apparently, two local anglers were fishing for blue shark in Galway Bay in a small boat.’
    • ‘This lake sees carp anglers from all over Europe, eager to make the most of the warm winters.’
    • ‘I was also fortunate in having a lot of space to myself, as most of the anglers were on the carp lakes.’
    • ‘I won't go into great detail about the man except to mention that he is a carp angler.’
    • ‘Each fish killed is one less to be caught by another angler and one less fish to spawn.’
    • ‘When the lure is taken the angler must grab the rod and strike the fish half a dozen times to fully make sure the hook is set.’
    • ‘Despite the poor angling conditions a good number of anglers fished the lake with some success.’
    • ‘The fishing was certainly tough but several lucky anglers did connect with good fish.’
    • ‘British Waterways is currently considering putting a notice up at Canal Head telling anglers not to fish in the canal.’
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    1. 1.1
      short for anglerfish