Meaning of anglicize in English:


Pronunciation /ˈaŋɡlɪsʌɪz/

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(also British anglicise)
[with object]
  • Make English in form or character.

    ‘he anglicized his name to Goodman’
    • ‘This comic operetta tells the story of a South Sea Island despot who wishes to anglicise his island by importing all things English.’
    • ‘For Owen, to whom speaking English has brought success and respectability, anglicising Irish place names represents the modernisation of Ireland as a nation.’
    • ‘While not anti-English, it is decidedly pro-Gaelic (even insisting on Gaelic names in cases where anglicised forms are far more familiar to Scots) and tends to be anti-Presbyterian.’
    • ‘A communist and uncompromising anti-militarist from well before Hitler rose to power, he was born Herzefeld and anglicised his name as a protest against rampant nationalism during the war.’
    • ‘The De Boyvilles - the name was anglicised in the 18th century - claim Kelburn is the oldest castle in Scotland to have been continuously occupied by one family.’
    • ‘This will also prevent English being used on road signs, and anglicised forms of Irish place names are likely to disappear from use.’
    • ‘Griggs anglicised the name, reshaped the heel, added the yellow stitching and trademarked the AirWair soles.’
    • ‘They called it Bom Bahia, a name that was subsequently anglicised to Bombay under the Raj.’
    • ‘He obtained employment with the Parke family of Dunally House as a gardener circa 1840 and had to anglicise his family name to Foley.’
    • ‘Well-meaning and often charming, my father escaped his heritage as much he could by marrying a non-Italian non-Catholic; he anglicized his name from Vittorio Giuseppe to Victor John Corsini.’
    • ‘The United States anglicized the name to ‘Porto Rico’ when it occupied the island in 1898 after the Spanish-American War.’
    • ‘In 1816 Saartje Bartman, a South African woman whose original name is unknown and whose Dutch name had been anglicized to Sarah Bartmann, died in Paris.’
    • ‘The Battenbergs also anglicized their name to Mountbatten.’
    • ‘Some Finnish Americans anglicized their names and joined American churches and clubs.’
    • ‘Years later they anglicised their names for the sake of their daughter.’
    • ‘However a move in South Australia to change or anglicise New Australians' names was strongly resisted.’
    • ‘Among Comte's crimes is having coined the term ‘sociology,’ though I suspect he wrote sociologie and someone else anglicized it.’
    • ‘I genuinely don't know how people see me in Scotland, if they think I'm too anglicised or whatever.’
    • ‘As a result many of these students alter their speech in order to be accepted into an anglicised Scottish middle class intelligentsia, further validating anglicised language and manners as a prerequisite for participation.’
    • ‘His daughter, however, is somewhat anglicised.’