Meaning of Anglo-Celt in English:


Pronunciation /aŋɡləʊˈkɛlt/


  • A person of British or Irish descent (used chiefly outside Britain and Ireland)

    ‘Trudeau put multicultural affairs in the hands of a sympathetic Anglo-Celt’
    • ‘Most of these noble white guys (and they were almost all male Anglo-Celts) are dead or doddery.’
    • ‘An Anglo-Celt is no less likely to be a megalomaniac than anyone else.’
    • ‘Melbourne is famed for producing four seasons in one day and that's the kind of weather Anglo-Celts can relate to.’
    • ‘The member for Werriwa, Mr. Mark Latham, certainly expresses the thoughts of many, if not the majority of Australians in the usage without redundancy and through the descriptive and malleable language of the Anglo-Celt.’