Meaning of Anglo-Celtic in English:



See Anglo-Celt

‘Demographics indicate unquestionably that the independent (non-Catholic) private schools cater primarily to Anglo-Celtic children, predominantly those residing in areas of affluence.’
  • ‘Whatever the current political climate may make of the pioneers who attempted to ‘open up’ the interior, that economic experiment was not solely a product of Anglo-Celtic ingenuity, effort or political hegemony.’
  • ‘Australians of Asian ancestry - and indeed any ancestry other than Anglo-Celtic - will find an equality of sorts in their utter absence from Greer's narrative. They simply don't exist.’
  • ‘The constant depiction of Anglo-Celtic Australia and its history as flawed, regrettable and valueless creates a siege mentality that closes minds and shuts down any rational discussion of what it is to be Australian.’
  • ‘Occasionally, and very discreetly, the results are perused to discover whether certain ethnic students do better than those of Anglo-Celtic provenance.’