Meaning of Anglo-French in English:


Pronunciation /ˌaŋɡləʊˈfrɛn(t)ʃ/


  • 1Relating to both England (or Britain) and France.

    ‘the possible signing of an Anglo-French treaty’
    • ‘Anglo-French relations’
    • ‘For years I could not see any realistic plan for Anglo-French cooperation.’
    • ‘Marsh opens by investigating the politics behind the Anglo-French accord.’
    • ‘A more rapid Anglo-French response might have won the day.’
    • ‘When hostilities petered out following the conclusion of the Anglo-French peace of 1546, Anglo-Scottish relations remained as bad as ever.’
    • ‘In 2002, an Anglo-French agreement led to the bulldozing of the notorious Red Cross Centre at Sangatte.’
    • ‘Although he was far from pro-French, the weakness of the French monarchy during most of his lifetime made him willing to accept an Anglo-French alliance.’
    • ‘There had seemed to be a crack in the Anglo-French alliance following a declaration by the Toulon owner last week.’
    • ‘It would seem reasonable for an Anglo-French alliance to agree that no fleets will be built in Brest and Liverpool without the other's prior agreement.’
    • ‘The Admiral also took the opportunity to set the seal on a century of Anglo-French cooperation at sea.’
    • ‘Defeated in the general election of 1852, Young largely faded into obscurity, although in 1860 he characteristically opposed the Anglo-French commercial treaty as an imprudent and humiliating sacrifice of British power.’
    • ‘With the advent of renewed Anglo-French conflict, he campaigned hard for more efficient convoys and better fortifications to protect the island and its trade, with some success.’
    • ‘The war was quite different from earlier Anglo-French conflicts.’
    • ‘Most of the Liberal cabinet in 1914 were unaware of the extent of the Anglo-French conversations relating to a possible war with Germany.’
    • ‘Eden was forced to bow to American pressure, and a ceasefire was called when Anglo-French forces had captured only 23 miles of the Canal.’
    • ‘His raids on Northumberland in May and July 1217 served only to accelerate the Anglo-French peace negotiations culminating in the treaty of Kingston (12 September 1217).’
    • ‘Through patience and sound judgement he achieved some improvement in Anglo-French relations.’
    • ‘As he notes, "the most remarkable thing about the Anglo-French treaty of 1860 was the chain reaction it produced."’
    • ‘Although Britain never again signed a major tariff-reduction agreement with another major power during this period, the Anglo-French treaty ushered in a new era in European trade relations.’
    • ‘She sided with the French in the Anglo-French war from 1304 until her death.’
    1. 1.1Of mixed English (or British) and French parentage or origin.
      ‘wealthy Anglo-French families in the wine trade’
      • ‘the Anglo-French firm is now the UK's biggest producer of electricity’
      • ‘The Anglo-French painter and graphic artist was born in Paris as the eldest son of the celebrated Impressionist painter Camille Pissarro (1830-1903).’
      • ‘In all cases Mauritius is making the most of its status as a regional, even global bridge, its dual Anglo-French heritage and its strategic location between Africa and South Asia in the Indian Ocean.’
      • ‘The Anglo-French art duo are making a shot-for-shot remake using members of the public.’
      • ‘In 1994, he joined Lazards, a blue-blooded Anglo-French bank.’
      • ‘He was usually named first among the Anglo-French barons, and his friendship with David I was surely close.’
      • ‘In 1909 they sold it to the Simons, Anglo-French brothers with major wine businesses in both Paris and London, and it was they who exploited the imperial connection.’
      • ‘Grosvenor became the head of an Anglo-French company formed to promote a channel tunnel, and he continued throughout his life to advocate linking up the English and continental railway systems by a submarine tunnel.’
      • ‘The Anglo-French Concorde made its first flight two months later and went into passenger service in 1976.’
      • ‘An Anglo-French couple in Malmesbury are cementing their 'Entente Cordiale' by leading the men's and women's boules teams in Sherston this weekend.’
      • ‘Eurostar has even switched from Anglo-French crews to all-British staff to avoid disruption in case French SNCF workers decide to down tools on Tuesday and Wednesday.’
      • ‘The 30-year-old French actress and model takes exception to a major new Anglo-French drama series in which she appears being dubbed for French television.’
      • ‘The "autobiography" of an Anglo-French girl growing up between the wars received encouraging reviews.’
      • ‘Pallis went on to become the leading spokesman for a libertarian socialist semi-anarchist Anglo-French group.’
      • ‘From this dual Anglo-French heritage come the constitutional tensions of modern Canada.’
      • ‘Among writers who have examined the emotional power of food is Joanne Harris, the Anglo-French novelist whose books include Chocolat.’
      • ‘In the same year he met Hilaire Belloc, the Anglo-French writer, who became a friend and literary ally.’