Meaning of Anglophobe in English:


Pronunciation /ˈaŋɡlə(ʊ)fəʊb/

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  • A person having a strong dislike of England or Britain.

    ‘Perhaps England fans shouldn't be allowed flags at all then sour Anglophobes like him wouldn't get so ruffled.’
    • ‘Steeped in the rhythms and traditions of the English language, a Londoner to the core, Cox nevertheless presented himself as an Anglophobe.’
    • ‘A friend, one of Britain's sharpest comedy writers and a militant football Anglophobe, will recite the great Peter Jones radio commentary with misty-eyed glee.’
    • ‘The United States still had its Anglophobes dating back to the revolutionary war.’
    • ‘Burleigh discloses how Smithson's bequest was nearly lost due to fierce battles among many clashing Americans and Anglophobes who argued over whether a gift from an Englishman should even be accepted.’
    • ‘For those linguistic Anglophobes who fear the increasing international dominance of the English language, the Internet must be a nightmare.’
    • ‘‘So Alive’ and ‘Motorcycle’ are so unbearably catchy that even Anglophobes found themselves buying ten copies of this album.’
    • ‘Who were the Anglophobes, and what lay behind their dislike of the British?’
    • ‘Crudely put, the battle is seen as one between Anglophobes and Anglophiles: nationalists emphasize colonial exploitation by Britain in understanding the traumas of Ireland's past; revisionists query the colonial model altogether and seek to break down what they regard as the old nationalist metanarrative into a factual series of local contingencies and discrete circumstances.’
    • ‘Oh, and by the way, I regard English nationalists who spout racist venom (even if it's well hidden) to be fifth columnists working for Anglophobes.’
    • ‘Spiced with dozens of hilarious cartoons from Punch and other publications, English History will be a welcome and amusing tour of a land that has always fascinated Americans - Anglophiles and Anglophobes alike.’
    • ‘The ‘Vaterland’ band played jolly shoreside concerts in order to raise funds for the German relief effort, and such Anglophobes as William Randolph Hurst attended charity balls on board and donated generously.’’
    • ‘It is to be hoped that Anglophobes and, for example, Francophiles can take some solace in the fact that chunking and summarizing is best done in the language of the original - and, after all, even if English has become a lingua franca, only a small fraction of the great literature of the world is in English.’
    • ‘Still, for Anglophobes, Punk is pure hell (one doesn't associate punks with any place as pristine as heaven, after all).’