Meaning of Anglosphere in English:



the Anglosphere
  • The countries where English is the main native language, considered collectively.

    ‘His election would bring Canada back from the fringes of the "Anglosphere" to somewhere near its heart.’
    • ‘There is a rather silly criticism of the "Anglosphere" idea here.’
    • ‘Oh well, just doing my best to foster international relations with the Anglosphere.’
    • ‘The customer base for call centers is the rich part of the world, especially the Anglosphere.’
    • ‘The French goal is to use the EU to separate the British from the Anglosphere.’
    • ‘You're also an advocate of a closer union of English-speaking countries, the Anglosphere.’
    • ‘Some neo-conservatives have updated Churchill's romantic notion with the concept of "the Anglosphere."’
    • ‘I'm more interested here about the conflict between the various publication laws in different parts of the Anglosphere.’
    • ‘The work force for call centers is the anglophone population of the poorer places on the outer margins of the Anglosphere.’
    • ‘Throughout the world, there are Anglosphere nations at key junctions.’
    • ‘Many non-English speakers in the Anglosphere benefit from its existence.’
    • ‘Mr. Bennett's paper basically advocates greater cooperation within the Anglosphere, i.e., rougly speaking, between the English-speaking nations.’
    • ‘Britain is no longer leader of the Anglosphere, or owner of the mightiest navy, or the only all-volunteer army.’
    • ‘India is an Anglosphere country, in large part.’
    • ‘The Anglosphere is the emerging branch of civilization at the core of which are the nations of the English-speaking world.’
    • ‘The Anglosphere, says Sullivan, is therefore at the very heart of the war to defend the free world.’
    • ‘The Anglosphere is more than just the United States; its a new liberal Alliance whose final contribution is the spread of freedom.’
    • ‘He thinks that shows the moral bankruptcy of the Anglosphere.’
    • ‘Will Warren shows how India is preparing, one person at a time, to join the Anglosphere.’



/ˈaŋɡləsfɪə/ /ˈaŋɡləʊsfɪə/