Meaning of angora wool in English:

angora wool


mass noun
  • A mixture of sheep's wool and angora rabbit hair.

    ‘What looks like a ball of grey angora wool eventually manages to unravel itself and settle at my feet, sniffing the ankles for the scent of a canine companion.’
    • ‘The diameter of the hair is even smaller than normal angora wool and it looks and feels like silk.’
    • ‘Research in Germany has demonstrated that angora wool is up to 3 times warmer than sheep's wool.’
    • ‘Good angora wool is the result of good housing, sanitation and breeding of the angora rabbits.’
    • ‘Items made from angora wool are extremely popular in Europe and are a growing commodity in the US.’
    • ‘Like ‘Team Canada’ to China, a similar trade mission is necessary for Nepal's angora wool business.’