Main meanings of angostura in English

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(also angostura bark)
mass noun
  • 1An aromatic bitter bark from certain South American trees, used as a flavouring, and formerly as a tonic and to reduce fever.

    The trees are Angostura febrifuga and Galipea officinalis, family Rutaceae

    ‘Angostura is a very bitter liquor with 40% alcohol, it is collected from the bark of the angostura tree, from cloves, enzian and bitter orange.’
    • ‘Eventually, Old World plants were incorporated into these heady infusions, some of which included gentian root, colombo root, cinchona bark, ground ivy, horehound, cassia, wormwood, and angostura bark and root.’
    • ‘Its characteristic structure serves to distinguish cusparia from other adulterants, such as copalchi bark (Croton niveus, Jacq.), and Brazilian angostura bark (Esenbeckia febrifuga, A. Juss).’
    • ‘Historically, the most popular digestives, or digestifs, have been alcoholic bitters, which usually include angostura bark, cinchona bark (Cinchona spp.), bitter gentian root and/or quassia chips as the principal components.’
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/ˌaŋɡəˈstjʊərə/ /ˌaŋɡəˈstjɔːrə/


Late 18th century from the place name Angostura.

Main meanings of Angostura in English

: angostura1Angostura2


proper noun

former name (until 1846) for Ciudad Bolívar



/ˌaŋɡəˈstjʊərə/ /ˌaŋɡəˈstjɔːrə/