Meaning of angrez in English:


Pronunciation /ʌŋˈreɪz/

nounplural noun angrez

informal Indian
  • An English person.

    • ‘Those days not many got an opportunity to travel abroad to play and if success was achieved, however moderate, on the circuit it was cherished like a badge of honour, treasured as titles bestowed on friendly princes by the angrez.’


informal Indian
  • English.

    • ‘the pukka angrez sahib’
    • ‘If Hindi was what sold, ruled Rupert Murdoch then, let STAR News go all-Hindi - India's British angrezi tradition be damned!’
    • ‘So when Grammy-winning artist Steven Curtis Chapman follows with Rembering You apart from being a bit pacier, the only difference seems to be the angrezi lyrics.’
    • ‘The Britishers left behind for us an angrezi hang-up, but many of us did not know that they carried back our spicy tongues in return.’
    • ‘The saab had not been angrez at all, but French, and had come to India as a tourist.’
    • ‘I teased my mother-in-law about an angrez author's fictional description of 1800s India.’


Hindi, ‘Englishman’.