Meaning of angry white male in English:

angry white male


derogatory US
  • A right-wing or anti-liberal white man, especially a working class one.

    • ‘his core constituency is angry white males’
    • ‘They are a reaction to oppression - or at least a transmogrification of the angry white male into the docile white wimp.’
    • ‘On WABC Hannity inherited Grant's fan base of angry white males, who listened to his show in the New York City area.’
    • ‘Well, either it was just basically a stupid mistake on Daschle's part, or what it was was an attempt to rip out a page from the mid-1990s playbook of demonizing the angry white male.’
    • ‘For years, Limbaugh's daily audience of 20 million listeners, made up primarily of angry white males, never had a problem with Limbaugh's racial insensitivity.’
    • ‘Hugh Laurie does a surprisingly good job playing an angry white male.’