Meaning of angulation in English:


Pronunciation /aŋɡjʊˈleɪʃn/


See angulate

‘The system also provides a unique visualization tool for tissue balancing, online visualization of joint angulations and displacement, and step-by-step comprehensive initialization of a patient's anatomy.’
  • ‘Front and rear angulations should be in balance for smooth movement with a good front reach and a strong rear movement.’
  • ‘Middle and proximal phalangeal fractures should be examined for evidence of angulation (by roentgenography) or rotation (by clinical examination), which require reduction.’
  • ‘The resulting anterior wedging and angulation of adjacent vertebral bodies with disc space obliteration are responsible for the palpable spinal prominence and a classic radiographic appearance.’
  • ‘With the increased growth of the thyroid and cricoid cartilage, the angulation of the vocal chords decreases, eliminating subglottic narrowing and subsequent airway obstruction associated with anesthesia in younger children.’
  • ‘In addition to the torsional profile test for bowlegs and knock-knees, angulation should be quantified by measuring the intercondylar or intermalleolar distance.’
  • ‘Mid-whorl gently convex bearing three coarse spiral cords, the uppermost of which forms an angulation, the base is not preserved.’
  • ‘Those include: total body weight on the downhill skate, an upward rising motion with the body during unweighting, misguided information on over-rotation, or hip angulation.’
  • ‘The fact that there was no statistically significant difference between asymptomatic and symptomatic knees indicates that angulation per se may not be the primary cause of jumper's knee.’
  • ‘The transducer position and angulation were adjusted to align the ultrasonic beam parallel to the axis of the main PA to minimize bi-directional flow signals of the systolic flow.’
  • ‘Then by angulation of your wrist strike him by a thrust to the chest over his sword behind his hilt and towards his right side, while simultaneously continuing your circular movement, around him.’
  • ‘While visiting friends for the weekend my 9 year old daughter fell, and when I joined my family later that evening and bent down to give her a kiss I noticed the mild angulation of a Smith's fracture of her left wrist.’
  • ‘The chest radiograph revealed an acute angulation of the PAC at the end of its introducer in the right IJV.’
  • ‘The published figure does not accurately depict a peritonsillar abscess, nor does it show correct needle placement and angulation for safe drainage of an abscess.’
  • ‘The bed must have the ability to break in the center (eg, a kidney rest) to open the spine for lordotic angulation during prosthetic placement.’
  • ‘Displaced spiral fractures generally display shortening or rotation, whereas displaced transverse fractures may display angulation.’
  • ‘The fibular facet shares the proximal surfaces of the astragalus and calcaneum which meet in a slight angulation.’
  • ‘The angulation of the neck and the compression of the chest, which interfere with cardiac function, impair the venus return.’
  • ‘The presence of deformity depends upon the amount of angulation and displacement of the fracture.’
  • ‘The left supraorbital in particular reveals the slight angulation of the element.’