Meaning of animal liberation in English:

animal liberation



mass noun
  • The freeing of animals from exploitation and cruel treatment by humans.

    ‘animal liberation is the goal for which the philosophy of animal rights is the philosophy’
    • ‘one of the animal liberation groups’
    • ‘However genuine the motives of animal liberation activists may be, their actions can sometimes have serious effects.’
    • ‘They are both involved in animal liberation activism on the fringes of the law, him slightly more than her, which she finds a bit unnerving.’
    • ‘Shouldn't we all feel slightly silly at realising that these are the alleged terrorists who have apparently held the government and society to ransom in their fight for animal liberation?’
    • ‘‘The creation of a new enclosure for polar bears in Edinburgh would provoke deep anger throughout the animal rights and animal liberation movement,’ he said.’
    • ‘SHAC is a direct action campaign group with a loose membership that forms part of a shadowy network of animal liberation organisations.’
    • ‘Like it or not, the comments at AR2002 encouraging the use of violence as a means for achieving animal liberation could very well have been the impetus for the actions referenced in this article.’
    • ‘Listed in the credits was none other than ‘Voice for Animals, ‘an animal rights group whose main goal is animal liberation.’’
    • ‘Taking the straightedge vegan message further, adding in causes such as animal liberation and environmental consciousness, Earth Crisis has been featured on MTV and in the New York Times.’
    • ‘We're condemned to use imperfect methods in an imperfect world history will show that [animal rights activists] were right to break the law in pursuit of the ultimate liberation, animal liberation.’
    • ‘Yourofsky has spent quite a bit of time in jail for various animal liberation acts, including two months in a Canadian prison for releasing mink from a Canadian farm.’
    • ‘Is it improving animal welfare, or is it about animal liberation?’
    • ‘Dr Best has consistently argued that violence forms a necessary part of the animal liberation movement.’
    • ‘He is generally considered to be the founding father of the animal liberation movement and has turned quite a few meat eaters into vegetarians.’
    • ‘Did you think that armed guards or the installation of motion sensors, cameras, lights, and steel grating around your basement windows would somehow make the animal liberation movement go away?’
    • ‘Singer regards the animal liberation movement as comparable to the liberation movements of women and people of colour.’
    • ‘The Animal Liberation League sees strategic nonviolence as the animals' best hope for complete and lasting animal liberation.’
    • ‘The gulf between animal exploitation and animal kinship, and between animal abuse and animal liberation, is fundamentally a spiritual one.’
    • ‘In becoming vegans and animal liberation activists, we had to challenge the things we thought we knew about animals and then change our behavior accordingly.’
    • ‘The animal liberation movement opposes favoring humans over other animals.’
    • ‘We believe that animal liberation is not an act of stealing property, but of freeing unjustly detained individuals.’