Meaning of animal life in English:

animal life


mass noun
  • Animals collectively, especially those native to a particular region, habitat, or geological period.

    ‘early animal life in the oceans’
    • ‘an impressive diversity of animal life’
    • ‘Access is by defined pathways and roads only, in an effort to protect the existing plant and animal life from being over-run by human tourists.’
    • ‘Three different environments—wetlands, rainforest and grasslands—feature the plant and animal life which is indigenous to them and the sanctuary boasts 1600 animals in total.’
    • ‘The intent is to produce science-based ways to predict the effect that various natural or human changes might have on the water balance and the plant and animal life in the basin.’
    • ‘Mushrooms and animal life develop under the shade of young pines, providing other bounties.’
    • ‘Not only do they capture exotic animal life, the shots are framed so delicately that many times I felt I was watching a living expressionist painting.’
    • ‘The Management Policy calls for the perpetuation of the native animal life of the parks and the maintenance of the "natural abundance, behavior, diversity, and ecological integrity of native animals".’
    • ‘His vignettes of country life, as well as his close observations of animal life in its natural setting, were much admired.’
    • ‘Parks were few, green space was minimal, and, by 1944, just about the only urban animal life consisted of rats, mice, and crows.’
    • ‘An impressive diversity of animal life includes elephant seals, sea lions, penguins, and other birds.’
    • ‘Forests were the home to more animal life, in the form of wild game, than could be found as domesticated livestock.’