Meaning of animal spirits in English:

animal spirits

plural noun

  • Natural exuberance.

    ‘the over-elaborate system of import licensing has had a dampening effect on the animal spirits of entrepreneurs’
    • ‘And exactly as one should expect from a Capitalistic economy, it did not take long for these financial profits to thoroughly incite animal spirits and captivate intense entrepreneur zeal.’
    • ‘‘Entrepreneurs have plenty of animal spirits and vision,’ he points out.’
    • ‘The animal spirits of Indian capitalism, long suppressed, have been unleashed.’
    • ‘There is no evidence that the collapse of the Lisbon 2010 Agenda has let loose any animal spirits for change.’
    • ‘All of this is apt to tame the animal spirits of both consumers and businessmen.’
    • ‘It wasn't animosity that spoilt her animal spirits and cheerful good nature.’
    • ‘Vocally, he's not the most individual Giovanni on discs, but his personality is a distinctive one, and his voice is young and full of animal spirits - in keeping with the character.’
    • ‘So we build fires and pass the bottle until the violent animal spirits take us in smashing boulders down the hillsides wandering into the great sand dunes with only a bottle of sour mash to mix with warm coke’
    • ‘It tends to dampen lawyers' animal spirits.’
    • ‘He was a delightful companion, full of sagacity as well as animal spirits; but I came away more impressed with the fullness of life and energy than with any sense of distinction.’
    • ‘American business is getting its animal spirits back.’
    • ‘Declining stock wealth has not curbed the consumer's animal spirits, despite record public participation in the equity market.’
    • ‘The key is using rock-bottom rates to help shift executives' expectations in a more positive direction and revive animal spirits.’
    • ‘But animal spirits are beginning to stir in one sector of the economy: high tech.’