Meaning of animality in English:


Pronunciation /ˌanɪˈmalɪti/

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mass noun
  • 1Animal nature or character.

    ‘a pre-human condition of animality’
    • ‘It is in the nature of our animality - our sense organs and perceptual apparatus - that a true apprehension of flux, of living with the chaotic, is impossible.’
    • ‘The blurred surfaces it illuminates are those where nature, animality, and humanity converge in thought and world.’
    • ‘The rage that people feel against their own mortality and animality is often enacted toward them, whether by humiliation or, in addition, by physical violence.’
    • ‘Because humans are aware that animals are mortal, being reminded of our animality provokes this paralyzing anxiety.’
    • ‘The production, unlike those which have chosen to stress Caliban's deformity or animality, chose rather to emphasise his humanity.’
    • ‘He quotes Heidegger saying (p17), "human analysis practically runs out of alternatives when it rejects mechanistic views of animality."’
    • ‘Animality is always the lack of a human quality.’
    • ‘Since the excess of animality and the accumulation and abundance of its stratas have their origin in food, drink and indulgence in carnal pleasures, a fast accomplishes what abundant food cannot.’
    • ‘While coming home from fishing one night, the narrator was suddenly overwhelmed by a sense of rank, primitive animality, a feeling of wildness.’
    • ‘More generally, animality stands in for all that is repressed by culture, as exemplified by Albee's earlier animal play, The Zoo Story.’
    1. 1.1Physical, instinctive behaviour or qualities.
      ‘what attracted me to her was her animality’
      • ‘It threatens subjectivity by collapsing meaning, reminding us of the subject's necessary relation to death, corporeality, animality and maternal materiality.’
      • ‘Clearly, de Blainville's language echoes through this passage framing the scientists' concerns about human animality and sexuality.’
      • ‘There is a tremendous emphasis on carnality, even animality, from the outset of play.’
      • ‘They desperately try to contain the madness, bitterness and growing animality that are overtaking them by faithfully noting their physical co-ordinates and recording their days in journals and logs.’
      • ‘In what may be a gesture of ironical respect to animals, however, the Speaker refrains from explaining human behaviour on the basis of its so-called animality.’
      the body, the human body, human nature, man's physical nature, physicality, corporeality, carnality, animality