Meaning of animalization in English:


Pronunciation /anɪm(ə)lʌɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/


(also British animalisation)

See animalize

‘Injection of either Xenopus BMP - 4 mRNA (or its sea urchin equivalent) into a sea urchin egg results in animalization.’
  • ‘And, as Cary Wolfe and others have noted, the animalization of the Other is not confined to race.’
  • ‘A confusing dynamics of humanization of animals and animalization of humans follows, framing such a decadent process with paroxysmal contours.’
  • ‘A second incestuous couple, that of Zazia and her younger brother, is disintegrated by the animalisation of the latter, which is the result, once again, of his drinking from the forbidden stream.’
  • ‘I cannot defend the abuse of human rights or the animalisation of human beings.’
  • ‘Does not the monkey lend itself marvellously to serve as a symbol of the animalisation which is effected at the expense of the Angelic and human elements of the prototype being?’
  • ‘Papers are invited on the following subjects but are by no means limited to the colonized as ‘neither man nor animal’ animals and animalisation in literature’
  • ‘Animal welfare and the animalisation of human beings produce particularly slippery arguments although the recipients of transplanted organs naturally tend to have less reservation about the latter issue.’
  • ‘The result of this animalisation was the disempowering of homeless people through their representation as incoherent babbling drunks, the wild, drug crazed miscreants and the ‘feral’ runaways.’
  • ‘For McGovern, as for Alby, these myths showed the politically-motivated animalisation of working-class groups by governments since the 1984-5 Miner's Strike - indeed, the metal fences which contributed to the disaster were introduced to cage all football grounds in the period.’
  • ‘In that case, the ‘last man’ would extinguish all hope for humanity (Nietzsche); the ‘night of the world’ would be at hand (Heidegger); the animalisation of man would be complete (Kojève); and the trivialisation of life would be accomplished (Schmitt).’