Meaning of animato in English:


Pronunciation /anɪˈmɑːtəʊ/


  • (especially as a direction) in an animated manner.

    ‘it is one of the few of these preludes that can be played animato’
    • ‘Più animato [It.] A directive to a musician perform a specific passage of a composition more animato, or animated.’


  • Performed in an animated manner.

    • ‘the unresolved movement proceeds directly to the animato finale’

nounplural noun animatos, plural noun animati/ˌanɪˈmɑːti/

  • A passage marked to be performed animato.

    ‘The music begins with an allegro animato which is reflective and oriental in its delicacy, but also contains more dramatic percussive music.’
    • ‘In the concluding Allegro animato, he captured the Norwegian folk qualities of the music with zest.’
    • ‘The same is true at the opening of the Finale: Allegro moderato molto e marcato, where even longer annotated phrase spans should exactly match with the lead in to the poco animato.’
    • ‘Animato, also written as "con anima" literally means "with animation." A piece marked animato should be quick and lively.’